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Cangzhou yongcheng jujube planting co., ltd. was established in 1996, is committed to the breeding of red jujube varieties, the introduction of demonstration, cultivation, technology promotion as one of the professional company. The company is located in xianxian county, hebei province, which is the hometown of Chinese golden thread jujube. It can produce more than 5 million seedlings, 30 million scions, and more than 15,000 POTS of red date bonsai. Jujube seedlings cultivated by our company are sold to more than 30 provinces and cities in China, and exported to Korea, the United States, New Zealand, the Netherlands and other countries.

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Cangzhou Yongcheng Jujube Planting Co., Ltd.
Customer Service Telephone: 0317-4690148
Ordering Telephone: 13785731750 (Wechat)
Technical Services: 15833759620 (Wechat)
Base Address: North of 307 National Highway 15 km east of Xianxian City, Hebei Province
Company Address: Golden Jujube Origin Area, Guozhuang Town, Xianxian County, Hebei Province
Website: http://www.bfzao.com/
Bus route:
South Line: Shijiazhuang Baifo Bus Station Xianxian Guozhuang Town by train; (National Highway 106 can be taken by car)
North Line: Beijing Zhaogongkou Bus Station Xianxian Guozhuang Town by train; (National Highway 106 can be taken by car)
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